Duquesne Wharf

River-Rail Access near Pittsburgh, PA
  • Strategically located at milepost 11.65 on the Monongahela River just southeast of Pittsburgh, direct highway access.
  • Operating in river levels ranging from 9.5 to 18 feet, Duquesne Wharf also includes upper and lower fleeting areas for up to 58 loaded and 40 empty barges at one time.
  • Transfer to rail and routed to local industries, north to the Great Lakes, to rail-served points throughout northeastern United States and Canada, and to the eastern seaboard for export.  
  • Owned and operated by Union Railroad.
  • In addition to its direct service to steel and associated industries throughout the Monongahela Valley, Union Railroad provides daily interchange service between BLE, CSX, WLE, NS and BPRR.
  • E-Crane put into service in 1999.
  • Clam Bucket Capacity:  Maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 20 to 25 tons.  Bucket capacity for coal is 22,599 lbs.  Total lift material and bucket is 36,599 lbs.
Mon Wharf Map