We are an equal opportunity employer. We offer a competitive wage and benefits package. Employment will be subject to criminal background check, physical examination, drug testing, and reference checks.

Posting Number Railroad JOB
GRW-202109-001 Gary Railway Company Train Service
GRW-202109-002 Gary Railway Company Track Laborer
URR-202109-004 Union Railroad Company Train Service
URR-202109-005 Union Railroad Company Track Laborer
URR-202109-006 Union Railroad Company Car Repairer
URR-202109-008 Union Railroad Company Locomotive Mechanic
TSR-202202-006 Transtar, LLC Sales and Marketing Manager
URR-202109-00 Union Railroad Company  Signal Helper

Employment Verifications

Verify Advantage services all Transtar requests for proof of employment.

Contact Verify Advantage here, or by phone 1-866-894-7687.

Use the company name (Transtar).