Railcar Storage

Most of Transtar’s North American railroads offer storage capabilities for your unused railcars.

Benefits to using the company’s railroads for railcar storage:

  • Safety-focused operations to ensure that your assets remain in good condition
  • Extensive coverage across the U.S. with railroad operations in 6 states
  • Interchanges with many different Class 1 railroads
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms and service
  • Single point of contact to help you find the best storage location based on your needs
Railroad Operating State Class I Connections Total Storage
(# cars spots)
Currently Available
(# cars spots)
Union Railroad (URR) PA CSXT, NS, WLE, CN, BPRR 800 400
Gary Railway (GRW) IN BNSF, UP, CN, NS, CSXT, CPRS, CP 300 0
Texas & Northern Railway (T&N) TX KCS 1,300 450
Lake Terminal Railroad (LT) OH CSXT, NS 500 250
Delray Connecting Railroad (DCRR) MI CN, NS, CSXT 800 450
Fairfield Southern Company (non railroad) AL BHRR 150 0