Lake Terminal Railroad Company, located in Lorain, OH on the shores of Lake Erie, is a terminal switching carrier serving Republic Engineered Products (REP) and Lorain Tubular. REP is an integrated steel mill that produces bar, rod and semi-finished shapes for the automotive industry and seamless pipe mills. Lorain Tubular is a producer of seamless pipe.

LT interchanges inbound raw materials, including coke and scrap and outbound finished products for REP and Lorain Tubular via interchanges with NS and CSXT. Additionally, LT provides REP and Lorain Tubular with roll-off-box scrap service. For more than 100 years, LT has had a proud history of assisting REP, Lorain Tubular and its predecessors in securing cost-effective access to raw materials and markets for steel products.

Lake Terminal Contacts

Joel Hudson, General Superintendent; 412-235-1800

Physical Address: 2199 East 28th Street, Stop 157, Lorain, OH 44055